Parents & Dyslexia 101

Fri, February 21, 202012:30 PM - 3:30 PM

This session sprang from our desire to fulfill a need we saw from our incoming Resource & Referral phone calls: parents, especially in those early stages of dyslexia detection, thirst for answers. Payne Education Center was founded by parents seeking answers, so we feel especially strongly about fulfilling this need in our community. 

Parents & Dyslexia 101 is a one-time, three-hour class led by Executive Director Heather Johnson (M.Ed.). It is a beneficial tool for reading stakeholders who are interested in an overview of dyslexia and how the brain functions in struggling readers. Training also touches on how to work with your school while advocating for your child. 

Plan on two hours of presentation plus a brief break followed by 45 minutes of Q & A tailored specifically to parents, caregivers, and advocates.


Payne Education Center
10404 Vineyard Blvd, Suite A,
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Cost: $25.00

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