As all businesses and nonprofits face the COVID-19 pandemic, Payne Education Center is adapting and learning how to survive and thrive during this time. We are currently following all suggested state requirements and are continuing to maintain operations from our homes and taking turns coming into the office only when necessary.

We are working on a plan to offer training throughout the summer and meet all CDC, WHO, and state requirements. Currently we are working to offer our curricula in a virtual format online. We plan to continue our high standards of training, along with our intent on direct instruction. We do not know if we will be able to train in person, but we do know we will be able to train.

What we suggest: If you planned to take a course this summer, go ahead and sign up. Additionally, if you were planning to enroll in our Take-Flight, Structured Multisensory Language Foundations course, continue with the application process. As of today, we plan to be here and train in whatever format that may be.

Please email us with questions as we are happy to help: [email protected][email protected]

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