Testing and Evaluation


Testing and Evaluation is imperative for a person with dyslexia to learn how to read. If a teacher or parent suspects a child has dyslexia, the child will be referred to the school psychologist where they will screen the child for dyslexia using a dyslexia checklist. If the child is still suspected to have dyslexia, the child will be referred to an educational psychologist or other specialist, who will perform a formal assessment.

The student will undergo a battery of tests, in which, the specialist will look at academic achievement, IQ, and various language skills. From these tests, the specialist will write a report that will confirm (or deny) the diagnosis of dyslexia and pinpoint the areas in which your child struggles. This report will not only serve as the necessary documentation to receive services, but the report will also guide the intervention process, as it shows the child’s strengths and weaknesses.