Payne Education Center believes properly trained teachers are the key to preventing reading difficulties in children, which is why Payne offers training to help teachers provide evidence-based instruction in the classroom, identify reading issues early, and administer proper remediation techniques.


  • staffs highly skilled Qualified Instructors (QIs), who teach all Payne trainings.
  • provides quality researched-based curricula using Structured Multisensory Language techniques, which incorporate the rules of the English language with a 3-dimensional experience using speech, hearing, touch, and movement.
  • updates its curricula to ensure teachers in the classroom are meeting best practice standards for teaching reading, writing, and spelling, all while maintaining compliance with necessary state and federal standards.
  • is the teacher training expert when it comes to reading, as it has trained over 35,000 teachers in Oklahoma and surrounding states.
  • serves as the go-to community resource in Oklahoma for information on dyslexia and the best practices for teaching children to read.

Ways to increase your knowledge and skills:

  • Professional Development for the Classroom
  • Academic Language Therapist Certification
  • Certified Academic Language Practitioner