Teen Board


Payne Education Center’s Teen Board educates young adults about Payne’s mission and what it does to help children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. The Payne Teen Board offers unique opportunities for teenagers to contribute to the Oklahoma City community by learning how a non-profit works and by participating in Payne’s outreach efforts while fulfilling school volunteer requirements and gaining real-world community service experience.

  • Our Teen Board accepts up to 20 members each year.
  • Members are selected after completing an application.
  • We are looking for mature, compassionate, responsible teens who enjoy working with other teens and adults.
  • Teen Board members are expected to serve a term beginning in October and ending in March.
  • Teen Board members are expected to attend 5 meetings. The monthly meeting time will be held at the same time and location each month.
  • The Teen Board will be responsible for assisting in the planning and execution of special events to benefit Payne Education Center.
  • Teen Board members are responsible for attending a special event  held in March.
  • If requested, verification of volunteer hours will be provided and letters of recommendation to colleges or employers will be made available.