Energizing Readiness


Energizing Readiness (ER) is a one-day OSDE approved training appropriate for pre-kindergarten and 4-year-old program teachers, as well as early childhood program teachers, childhood special education teachers, and speech language pathologists.

Through the wonder of nursery rhymes, teachers teach children what they need and love to learn. The Structured Literacy curriculum focuses on the pre-reading skills of oral language, phonological awareness, letter recognition, and letter sounds. Each of the 26 letters (and their corresponding alphabetic principle) and the numbers zero through nine are reinforced by using a nursery rhyme example for each letter and the numbers zero through nine. Trainees learn how to teach phonological awareness activities including oddity, segmenting, and splitting. Additionally, trainees learn multisensory language techniques that encourage the development of symbol relationships with their students. This one day course plus curriculum and a class set for 20 students is $575.