Language to the 4th Power (L4)


Language to the 4th Power (L4) is a four-day OSDE approved Structured Literacy training. The curriculum is designed to assist the teachers of students in grades 4-6 and/or 7-8 in the instruction of the structure, origin, and use of the English language.

It is composed of four parts:

  1. Morphology (the origin)
  2. Spelling (an essential skill for writing and communication)
  3. Grammar & Composition
  4. Reading Comprehension

L4 is designed for the regular classroom and is scripted, which enables the classroom teacher to easily structure each part of the lesson.

It is divided into 36 units, each of which contains instruction in the four parts of the curriculum. It is left to the teacher to decide how to teach and assign each of the elements of the curriculum depending on the time structure of the school period/day/week.

It is intended that L4 enable comprehensive language instruction in the regular classroom while allowing teachers and students to access the understanding of how the English language works and can be used.

The lessons are progressive in difficulty, facilitating understanding and ease of use. From compound words to prefixes, bases/roots and suffixes.

Morphology covers the origin, meanings and usage of the parts that create our words. Analogies follow this instruction allowing the student to access the relationships between words.

The Spelling lists in each lesson are built from the morphological elements introduced.

The structure of Grammar is practiced leading to Composition.

Each Reading lesson structure includes practice in reading words constructed from morphological sources, practice with idioms, and reading text. Within the comprehension exercises following the narrative story/expository article are graphic organizers. Each reading text piece is preceded by vocabulary work and concluded with Cross Curricular exercises which include work within reading, language arts, social studies, science, and math.

This four-day training, teacher curriculum, and materials is $875.