Reading Intervention 101

Sat, February 8, 20208:30 AM - 12:30 AM

Empowering Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Parents, and Volunteers to Tutor Children and Adults in Reading

Reading Intervention 101 is a one-time, four-hour class that is typically held on a Saturday. Payne’s reading intervention training is taught by one of our Qualified Instructors and is a beneficial tool for reading stakeholders who are interested in supplemental reading practice for struggling readers. Training encompasses basic reading needs of struggling readers, including those with dyslexia, and provides exposure to vocabulary acquisition exercises as well as age-appropriate stories and techniques. Reading Intervention 101 is in compliance with Payne’s seminal knowledge and experience about the science of reading and Multisensory Structured Language instruction in learning. This course is appropriate for use as a tutoring intervention program, or a summer school reading intervention curriculum, with the intent of remediating struggling readers. Reading skills that bridge the gap are critical for academic success.

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, credit card, and purchase orders.


Payne Education Center
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Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Cost: $175.00

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