First Grade Foundations


First Grade Foundations (FGF) is a 4-day OSDE approved Structured Literacy training program that provides first grade teachers a multisensory scripted reading curriculum that meets the needs of a variety of students, from reading-disabled to gifted.

First Grade Foundations features instruction in phonological awareness, phonics, oral reading fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, handwriting, and spelling. FGF allows teachers to be prepared for any student reading level with pre-literacy techniques and a comprehensive, balanced approach to the basics of language arts instruction. Each lesson contains a decodable story for fluency development and assessment. FGF can easily be supplemented with standard literature or literature from any basal reading program. Periodic student assessments occur every 15-20 lessons.

Teachers who attend First Grade Foundations are able to access a support page on our website that is full of helpful instructional videos, curriculum resources, and supplemental materials. This four day training, curriculum, and a class set for 25 students is $1,250.