Structured Language Basics


Structured Language Basics (SLB) is a 5-day OSDE approved Structured Literacy training which provides second and third grade teachers with a multisensory scripted reading curriculum that meets the needs of a variety of students, from reading-disabled to gifted.

Structured Language Basics (SLB) features instruction in phonological awareness, phonics, oral reading fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, handwriting, and spelling. Each lesson contains a decodable story for fluency development and assessment. Periodic student assessments occur every 15-20 lessons. Complement it with your favorite basal, guided-reading, or authentic literature for a supercharged literacy block.

SLB includes in-depth instruction on advanced syllable division and root-and-affix instruction to prepare students to confidently attack multisyllabic words, and grammar instruction to help students develop strong sentence writing skills, which lead to strong paragraph composition.

Teachers who attend Structured Language Basics are able to access our SLB Support page that is full of helpful instructional videos, curriculum resources, and supplemental materials. This five day training, curriculum, and materials for 25 students is $1,550.